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Chicago 6th Ward Remapping



I have been following the Chicago Ward Remapping, and there are some really Questionable politics going on regarding this matter.


One of the best explanations has been submitted by one of my readers, concerning Chicago’s 6th Ward Remapping:



From: Irate in the 6th Ward!


If anyone from the 6th Ward attended the remapping meeting held by Committee

Chairman Alderman Richard Mell last night at the Morgan Park High School

auditorium,  well, you ought to be IRATE! If there was ever a reason on why

black folks are always on the losing end, well– that meeting was a prime

example of it. That entire meeting was dominated by the 19th Ward who

showed us why white folks get what they want!


Here were white people organized TO THE MAX to protest any remapping of the

19th Ward. They had signage:  lawn and window signs and they had stickers for

you to wear too! Plus, they had their Alderman, Matt O’ Shea, leading the charge!

Check out his 19th Ward Aldermanic website:


So I ask you, who do you think the City Hall folks will be listening to? What

the hell is wrong with our ward? What the hell is wrong with us!


You got the community groups of West Chesterfield and Roseland Heights

trying to get folks aroused and focused. You got GCA trying to support those

groups. But where is Chesterfield on this? Where is Park Manor on this? Where

is Chatham Avalon on this? Who gives a damn about a pancake house right now?!

We are about to watch our ward splinter into nothingness!


The Black Caucus, who hired our former Alderman (Lyle), is trying to suppress

the best black voting block in the city! It’s us people, us! And do you see a

back story here. And this is what I have to say to Alderman Brookins, who

hired Lyle for this job: here’s my $200 notion on your remapping recommendation

for the 6th Ward cause it’s worth more than two cents: why don’t you let the 6th

Ward take over the streets from 79th to 87th that contain West Chatham–at least

that’s what those residents called themselves. You know, that small business area

across the expressway that you keep in your ward!


Why don’t you give us the area that contains Lowes, Walmart, Aldi and Home

Depot all the way over to Simeon High School. Then maybe, it would make

some sense to cut off the 6th Ward at 87th Street! Let’s face it, your ward

would never have gotten those businesses if those companies hadn’t

eyeballed the professional and semi-professional residents who live in

Chatham! Or the Chatham seniors who were former city, state and county

professionals with their solid pensions. Do you you think, Brookins, that we

are so stupid in the 6th Ward as not to understand those “Brainy Smurf” ideas

of yours!


Does every adult in the 6th Ward need a pimp slap to get out of this malaise?

People, they are about to snip away a third of our ward and leave us like a shorn

Samson. We’re the ward that has the real voters’ strength! Don’t let the Philistines

take that away from us!



Wow!  Great details in your observation.


It really pisses me off that our Black politicians are so determined to enrich and empower themselves by destroying the Black Community, specifically, those Black Communities that actively want to live the American Dream.


Black Folks, demand your rights and don’t support these rotten Black politicians, just because they are Black and Democrat!


It’s supposed to be about US, Not THEM!  We pay their salaries!





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