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Stupid Black Politicians of Illinois

Recently, the Black politicians of Chicago, Cook County, and the State of Illinois have been busy arrogantly disrespecting the citizens with their crazy bills.


As a Black American, I am utterly embarrassed and disgusted by Black politicians, especially the Illinois politicians.  Any bill or policy that makes life more difficult for Illinois citizens is joyously and lovingly supported by the IL Black politicians.


Let’s go down the list:


Concealed Carry

Every State in the country has Concealed Carry laws, except Illinois.  Actually, Illinois citizens want it, but the cowardly Black politicians of Chicago and Cook County vote against it.  Why?  Well, they share the same view that Tio Hardiman of Cease Fire has.  Paraphrasing, he said that, although the rest of the nation has Concealed Carry, Black people of Chicago are too savage and not responsible enough to have guns.  If a White person had said this, there would be an extreme outcry from Black Chicago.  However, Tio and the rest of the Black IL State Reps feel this way.  But mainly, they are against Concealed Carry because they obey their Democratic Plantation Masters, Madigan, Quinn, Emanuel, and Daley, who are all against it.  Why?  I wrote about this in a previous posting.  Keeping the mayhem going in our communities guarantees an endless supply of criminals filling the “FOR PROFIT” Illinois prisons.  Think of these criminals as “Stocks and/or Commodities” for the prison system.  Yes, you have to die horribly at the hands of monstrous criminals so profits can be achieved.  THANKS BLACK POLITICIANS OF ILLINOIS!!!!


Ten Year Electric Utility Rate Increase

The list of IL Reps who supported it is not yet posted online, but I can guess who voted for it.  When I get the list of supporters, I’ll post them here.

Anything that takes money out of the hands of Illinois citizens, the Black IL Reps are all for it.  PATHETIC!


The Red Light Cameras All Over Chicago

Along with the parking meter fiasco, this is one of the most egregious and boldly deceptive acts I have ever seen.  The Chicago Mayor goes past his own City Council and pushes the IL Reps to allow for speed cameras around schools (and parks, I think).  The public is told that “it’s for the protection of our kids”.


Don’t give me this crap about protecting children (and if you’re one of these touchy-feely, politically correct, naive, stupid people who think it’s for the children, then leave this post, NOW).  There is no correlation that these cameras are needed to protect the children.  Not only that, but they want to extend the hours until 11pm.  What children are out at that time?  And there is no answer as to whether these cameras are still active after 11pm.




Just another example of using deceptive penalties to generate money that the public doesn’t have.


Concerning this matter, on the Cliff Kelley show this week, a television newsman mentioned to one of the Black IL Reps that if voters were given the ability to vote on this, it would overwhelmingly not pass.  The Rep told him that “it doesn’t matter what the voters want because they know what’s best for the voters”.  I didn’t know that adult voters are like children to them.

Oh, I almost forgot.  What’s the REAL reason why the Mayor took the citywide camera matter out of the hands of the Chicago City Council?  If I had to guess, I’d say either he is taking the responsibility off the City Council (remember the parking meters) or he knows the City Council would never go for it (remember the parking meters).


There are other acts of stupidity that are too many to mention.


Once again, it’s embarrassing that most of the stupidly coming out of Illinois is supported by the Black Reps of Chicago, Cook County, and Illinois. These same Reps are selling out the voters for a “bucket of grits” (metaphorically speaking)!


Of course, some of you readers and even some Black IL Reps are going to say how wrong I am for writing this post.

Well, SO WHAT!


Answer this:

With no protection from crime, no jobs, and no money for many Illinois citizens, HOW AM I WRONG?

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