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Chicago 6th Ward Remapping



I have been following the Chicago Ward Remapping, and there are some really Questionable politics going on regarding this matter.


One of the best explanations has been submitted by one of my readers, concerning Chicago’s 6th Ward Remapping:



From: Irate in the 6th Ward!


If anyone from the 6th Ward attended the remapping meeting held by Committee

Chairman Alderman Richard Mell last night at the Morgan Park High School

auditorium,  well, you ought to be IRATE! If there was ever a reason on why

black folks are always on the losing end, well– that meeting was a prime

example of it. That entire meeting was dominated by the 19th Ward who

showed us why white folks get what they want!


Here were white people organized TO THE MAX to protest any remapping of the

19th Ward. They had signage:  lawn and window signs and they had stickers for

you to wear too! Plus, they had their Alderman, Matt O’ Shea, leading the charge!

Check out his 19th Ward Aldermanic website:


So I ask you, who do you think the City Hall folks will be listening to? What

the hell is wrong with our ward? What the hell is wrong with us!


You got the community groups of West Chesterfield and Roseland Heights

trying to get folks aroused and focused. You got GCA trying to support those

groups. But where is Chesterfield on this? Where is Park Manor on this? Where

is Chatham Avalon on this? Who gives a damn about a pancake house right now?!

We are about to watch our ward splinter into nothingness!


The Black Caucus, who hired our former Alderman (Lyle), is trying to suppress

the best black voting block in the city! It’s us people, us! And do you see a

back story here. And this is what I have to say to Alderman Brookins, who

hired Lyle for this job: here’s my $200 notion on your remapping recommendation

for the 6th Ward cause it’s worth more than two cents: why don’t you let the 6th

Ward take over the streets from 79th to 87th that contain West Chatham–at least

that’s what those residents called themselves. You know, that small business area

across the expressway that you keep in your ward!


Why don’t you give us the area that contains Lowes, Walmart, Aldi and Home

Depot all the way over to Simeon High School. Then maybe, it would make

some sense to cut off the 6th Ward at 87th Street! Let’s face it, your ward

would never have gotten those businesses if those companies hadn’t

eyeballed the professional and semi-professional residents who live in

Chatham! Or the Chatham seniors who were former city, state and county

professionals with their solid pensions. Do you you think, Brookins, that we

are so stupid in the 6th Ward as not to understand those “Brainy Smurf” ideas

of yours!


Does every adult in the 6th Ward need a pimp slap to get out of this malaise?

People, they are about to snip away a third of our ward and leave us like a shorn

Samson. We’re the ward that has the real voters’ strength! Don’t let the Philistines

take that away from us!



Wow!  Great details in your observation.


It really pisses me off that our Black politicians are so determined to enrich and empower themselves by destroying the Black Community, specifically, those Black Communities that actively want to live the American Dream.


Black Folks, demand your rights and don’t support these rotten Black politicians, just because they are Black and Democrat!


It’s supposed to be about US, Not THEM!  We pay their salaries!




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  1. If Alderman Sawyer plans to vote to support the Black Caucus map at the expense of the voters who got him elected in the 6th Ward, then I say he should be a ONE TERM ALDERMAN!

    Anyone who would support that incompetent, ego-tripping, imperialist acting, brainy smurf, Alderman Brookins, should go by the wayside. This new map would so hideously impact Chatham voters by making our home and automobile insurance go up because our strong base of middle class communities in the ward would no longer exist. So when the bean counters finish looking at the per capita numbers, we would suffer penalties that would include the above and also affect our property values as well!

    It would make Chatham, given the other blights we are now fighting, unattractive beyond compare in our efforts to get younger families to move here.This is an aging ward, people, with most residents over 55 years of age living in the ward. Residents in Chatham are averaging even older–– probably 72 years old or more.

    As for Brookins, I hope someone will start the drive to assist voters in his ward for PAYBACK! The kind of PAYBACK SUPPORT to make sure he loses his office at the next election. His ward needs us to rescue them from his fiefdom manner!

    Oh, so you, Alderman Brookins plan to give 9th Ward Alderman Beale part of the 6th Ward to be fair. As well as handing over a piece of our ward to you (Brookins) too! This is the kind of slick move that will eventually cost Brookins any ambitions he has for a bigger office in the future. WE AREN’T GOING TO FORGET THIS!

    If 6th Ward voters are paying attention, they should know Brookins has always taken issue with the strength and independence of the 6th ward voter. He has never liked that we question his motives across the Dan Ryan if they don’t seem to be firmly fitting with our community’s concerns. Like we never go on his side to shop! I am hoping none of us will forget this if Brookins recommended map gets approved! For his own petty political reasons and for the sake of his own ambitions, he would sacrifice one of the few wards where the black middle-class has historically flourished!

    I’m hoping black voters in the old 6th Ward, as we are splintered via this new map, remember to dog him the rest of his career. This has nothing to do with being equitable as much as it has to do with helping another incompetent like Alderman Beale stay in office. Though ultimately, he will probably lose anyway. Beale along with some other black Aldermen need to be thrown under the bus simply because at best they were functioning do-nothings and Daley lackeys.

    And is it true that Beale is so scared of folks in our ward that he has asked that the blocks Richard Wooten lives on stay in the 6th Ward? This way, Beale won’t be aggressively challenged in the next aldermanic election he runs in?

    All in all, I will be sicken if Sawyer sucks up to the Black Caucus and bends over to kiss Brookins’ ring. If he does, heed this warning, Alderman Sawyer–– Find another office to run for because the rest of voters remaining in the 6th Ward will be gunning for YOU! And rightly so!

    P.S. It’s time for black voters to stop licking the boots of the professional, black career alderman. It’s time for us to vote for only 25 aldermen and see how the whole political landscape gets shaken up! These people are in it only for their own benefit. This is the real reason that black communities have been on the demise. You just can’t attribute everything to white folks anymore. MOST BLACK ALDERMEN SUPPORTED DALEY–LOOK AT THE PUBLIC RECORDS!

    This is not a slick, white boy move for 25 aldermen, as much as it is a new day move that should remove the blinders from the eyes of black voters who are still wanting to believe that the Black Caucus is really concerned about our lives. NOT TRUE!!

    It’s a New Year! Let’s DEMAND a New Beginning! We should be smart enough to sieve through the bull that most black, incumbent aldermen feed us and determine who should be kept in a 25 man council–-if any.
    Actually, it would be an opportunity for a political renaissance that might allow for newer, unencumbered candidates to emerge without that old school taint of wanting the council seat for personal advancement.

    Comment by IRATE IN THE 6TH WARD | January 14, 2012 | Reply

    • Wow!

      You are so on target with these Chicago Black Aldermen.
      They would destroy the lives of thousands of Black Chicagoans, simply to stay employed!
      Their foolishness is even affecting other communities in this city!
      The Hispanic proposal was more fair to the 6th Ward than the Black proposal. PATHETIC!
      And the insurance thing is shocking!
      I heard someone on the radio say that we do NOT need politicians in office, simply for THE MONEY! That’s the Chicago Black Aldermen!

      What is also shocking is that no one will stand up against this tyranny!

      And, I’m sure, someone will write in saying that you are wrong or misguided.


      Comment by blacktalktony | January 14, 2012 | Reply

  2. Interesting comments, the plantation comments are the direct at Mell but should have been directed at several West side alderman who have broken rank with the black caucus and got on the same team with Mell. Alderman Chandler and Mitts are accepting some changes but are looking at the long term chances of them staying in office.
    Mitts is attempting to keep the Feds off her butt over the Walmart fiasco. Chandler realized that the Southside members were going to hang him out to dry.

    The Black Caucus has come to the realization that they have to cede several wards to a Latino majority but are attempting to the majority to no more than 60%. They feel that wards on the bubble could still be won by black candidates in the future even with a Latino majority. Many are beating up Foulkes but she is smarter than most give her credit for. She has a Latino bilingual office aide and Latino ward workers, it is some of the others who have no ties to the Latino community who are worried. The push to keep the wards is being fueled by the realization that collectively the black caucus cannot get any of their members or any other black elected to a city or county office. So the push is to save wards with the hope that stronger candidates come forth and run in the future.

    Comment by worlee glover | December 9, 2011 | Reply

  3. It never ceases to amaze me! The Black Caucus is still screaming like a bloody knife was put in their backs regarding the proposed ward remapping. That whole fiasco with Aldermen Carrie Austin accusing Alderman Mell of treating Black Aldermen like “plantation niggers!”

    Well, I say, this shouldn’t be something new for some of you guys. Didn’t most of you vote for damn near anything Daley wanted to do? And he ran the original white plantation.

    But, oh, yes, now some of you incumbents are really super concerned today about the communities you represent.

    I guess the jokes on ya’ll now!!!

    To my brothers and sistas–-us poor taxpayers–– unless you are living in a time warp–– most of these incumbents are super worried about losing their jobs and their personal power.

    So the census undercounted us black folks and what––inflated the Hispanic numbers? Projections for major Hispanic population increases have been floating around since the mid 90′s. This is real, old, tired news. Just Google it up! Nobody needed to wait until the 2010 census to know those figures! Don’t ya’ll black politicians know how to read?

    Our Black Caucus needs to get over themselves! The truth is the Hispanics just have more kids these days then we do. And now the Black Caucus screams like they’re getting sliced up in some dirty, West Side story fight!

    C’mon! These same black Aldermen rubber stamped Daley for so long that they acted like they were brain dead. Most of them are the real reasons their wards never prospered––simply put––there was no genuine stewardship.

    And a lot of our black brothers and sistas said the hell with Chicago as they fled to the suburbs to escape crime, bad schools and deteriorating infrastructure in their hood. Plus, looking for better jobs.

    No federal court is going to accept the argument that the Hispanics can’t get their due! You guys just let the white aldermen outmaneuver you! Whites cozied up to the Hispanics, while the Black Caucus swaggered and swirled
up with so much egoistical puffery–– talking about what they wanted– they didn’t see it coming.

    Instead of the Black Caucus sitting down with our brown brothers and sistas from the get-go and realistically accepting the inevitable and working it all out–– ya’ll got played by the white Aldermen thinking 10 steps ahead of ya’ll.

    Mistake #1: you got punked out because you let Aldermen Brookins and former Alderman Lyle (the Caucus legal) lead you! Did the rest of you black aldermen get so blinded by the street lights (that probably don’t work in your wards anyway) you forgot the poker rule: never reveal your trump card ––in this case, MAP–– until you saw what the Hispanics wanted.

    And you black powers-to-be recommended that woman for a Judge. What a brainiac!

    Hey, Alderman Brookins, another tip for ya–– forget about running for any other higher offices. You ain’t that smart!

    You Black Caucus incumbents need to stop deluding yourselves that your constituents love ya’ll dirty drawers!

    Check this out: ask only black voters to vote in Chicago on a referendum to approve a council of 25 Alderman. You will probably see more black voters show up than when we elected Obama four years ago.

    And trust me, nobody, but nobody, would even care to watch the door hit your behinds because most of us are too busy struggling to survive without multiple pensions or job hookups that rescue our unemployed asses.

    That’s right, nobody is going to miss you, Alderman Foulkes! Suga, you can go back to the bakery because that’s the only dough you know how to bring back to the hood. What did you really think you did for your ward? Most of your constituents will be the better for it when you are making the bread they can eat, instead of the baloney you feed them as an Alderman.

    How do I know this? Just like Alderman Mell figured it out after his town hall remapping show revealed all things political. Black folks came, sit down, acted grown up and showed more independent thought, courage and anger at being taken for granted by our aldermanic representatives. Like we had to support your directives to be pushed into wards we don’t want to be a part of!

    Then there’s Alderman Cochran. His ward was a minute from tossing him out for a rapper who managed to have some real money behind him. The kind of money that gave him a live chance to go after you. Oh, yes, we know, the kid was distorting the facts–-your record.

    Guess what? You claimed you could bring the big guns to to the 20th ward and straighten it out. You came riding in like a big law and order super hero; but when the Olympics fizzled, and Daley tossed you to the curb, like all the trash that floats around that big boulevard in your ward, it became clear you had no real plan of action. And Daley certainly didn’t throw you a lifeline either. You forgot–– Daley was the ultimate “game” show host.

    So you settled in, kicked back and thought you could coast through–-with the help you got from developers who thought you were holding the Olympic cards. Of course, there are now folks wondering when your former federal friends may come looking for you! Probably, the real reason why some think you should go bye-bye!

    Look, it boils down to this when the light of a cold, steely December day in Chicago hits your peers, there will be some alderman from the Black Caucus who inevitably will realize “I just need to cover my own ass and worry about keeping my job.”––which is really what this was all about in the first place.

    Black Chicagoans ain’t going to do down with you guys when you snap your fingers or holler racism anymore. We’re not going to continue to be the walking dead and follow you to the end of the ward cliff because you didn’t do your job.

    It’s an anti-incumbent mood out there today and like everybody else, we’re putting you on notice. So go on and take it to a referendum and see if most black voters will buy into your storyline. The one ya’ll are now spinning on how the remapping hurts our interests if blacks in the city don’t keep all of ya’ll. Could be, it might backfire on you.

    I believe more of us will be pissed off if you make us spend 20 million dollars or more to save your jobs! That’s right, the millions they estimate will be needed for a referendum fight…the kind of money that could go to food banks, job training, homeless shelters, police officers and mental health clinics desperately needed in our Southside and Westside wards during this horrendous economy. See if black voters will be buying that crap ––as if they have the money to buy anything but mere essentials!

    Most of us have started to wake up and realize that many of you black incumbents have never made a real significant impact on improving our lives as Southside and Westside constituents. You guys were just too busy putting the spin on Daley’s deals–-or for that matter, cutting your own––so you could live happily ever after you got your second pension.

    P.S. Note to Mayor Rahm Emanuel: yeah, keep your ass out of it!

    P.S.S. Aldermen Brookins leave my damn ward alone! If you do us in it, everyone who ever lived–– or still lives in the 6th Ward–– will make sure to dog you out for the rest of your political life. Especially, if you are stupid enough to run for anything outside of your ward.

    And if somebody dares to makes you a judge, then we need to have a “Black Spring” or something to find out who that clown is!

    Comment by IRATE IN THE 6TH WARD | December 8, 2011 | Reply

    • Wow!

      Quite thorough.

      Everyone who reads this blog knows how I feel about our Black politicians.


      Your detailed commentary is raw and may get a rise out of the readers!

      Comment by blacktalktony | December 8, 2011 | Reply

  4. Classism is a major factor in not only African American wards but the Latino wards as well. Several latino areas do not want to be part of what would become super majority Latino wards. Everyone is afraid of decreasing property values. Speaking to Alderman Brookins he stated he was OK if they did not want to be in his ward because when his ward comes up they will be kicking themselves.

    Comment by worlee glover | December 3, 2011 | Reply

    • Completely understand the issue of decreasing property values.

      Do you have any thoughts on the “Classism” factor with both the Latino and Black areas?

      Also, could you explain the Brookins statement?

      Comment by blacktalktony | December 4, 2011 | Reply

      • The 19th ward especially the northeaster edge has been involved in several battles. The first being their opposition to the proposed mall at 91st Western on the Evergreen Park side where they have played the race card. Some of those involved in the opposition have been African Americans. These same African Americans sent word to Alderman Brookins they did not want to be part of his ward. Alderman Brookins position was they didn’t receive anything while in the 19th ward and the prospects to receive anything going forward was not looking good. He stated with the developments going on in his ward they would be better off but if they didn’t want to be so be it.

        As far as classism , per a individual involved in the remap process, Alderman Soliz does not want the Mexican portion of the Back of the Yards community but would rather keep the Asia American portion. The Back of the Yards would give him a supermajority but he is willing to forego that because he feels the Asian Americans do more for him.
        As far as African Americans in the 6,20, 3 wards many residents east of the dan ryan feel that they are getting less because the Alderman have had to divert resources to Englewood, Back of the Yards, Greater Grad Crossing communities which are lower income.

        Comment by worlee glover | December 4, 2011

      • Thanks for the explanations.

        Soliz doesn’t want the Mexican portion.
        WHAT IRONY!
        Amazing that politicians respect, desire, and cater to the Asian population, considering Asians have almost no representation and rarely complain about anything publicly. WHAT POSITIVE LESSONS CAN WE AFRICAN AMERICANS (AND OTHER AMERICANS) LEARN FROM ASIAN AMERICANS??????

        So, African Americans who contribute to society have had their resources diverted to African Americans who contribute less to society.

        Comment by blacktalktony | December 5, 2011

  5. Many of the 19th ward people opposing the remap are middle class blacks who live on the eastern edge of the ward. Just sayin….

    Comment by bikepsychobabble | December 2, 2011 | Reply

  6. I would expect the 19th ward to be there at a remap hearing in THEIR ward. Morgan Park is in the 19th ward. Where was irate on Tuesday at the hearing at South Shore where West Chesterfield, Chesterfield and Roseland Heights residents attended and told the Black Caucus to shove their map where the sun doesn’t shine. Where was irate on Monday at the PMNCC meeting when the residents there stated they supported Roseland Heights in their efforts and stated they did not want the northern or western border moved?

    Where was irate when EZ Pawn disrespected the community by stating they wanted to open a “pawn shop” in the old Chatham Pancake House location?

    Yes it would be nice to include West Chatham but if irate would have done a little research they would have found it has always been in the 21st ward.

    So when irate wants to have a “real” conversation about the 6th ward come to where 6th ward residents are talking and not be a drive by wanna be activist.

    Comment by worlee glover | November 13, 2011 | Reply

    • Three Things:

      I can’t speak for Irate, but I’m sure this person agrees with you on the big picture.

      These remapping meetings are being held all over the city. The issue should be, “Why doesn’t the 6th Ward host a meeting on this matter?”

      I had to edit out some parts in your comment. I won’t publicly go into details, but keep some of the things you were trying to promote to a minimum.

      Comment by blacktalktony | November 13, 2011 | Reply

    • Mr. Glover, my comment obviously went over your head:

      1. West Chesterfield and Roseland Heights were in attendance 
          at the Morgan Park meeting. You would have know that, if you
          had done your homework!

          However, it was dominated by the 19th Ward. Ask the presidents
          of those two 6th Ward organizations if they were there as well.

          By attending the two meetings, I assumed they wanted to make
          it convenient for 6th Ward folks to go if they weren’t able to attend
          the South Shore meeting due to date conflict. Duh!

      2.  And yes, I have been at a meeting where everyone discussed
           the EZ Pawn situation and was against it. That issue for now
           has been put to bed. Unless there are some new developments
           that I am not aware of.

      3.  My comment on West Chatham was being facetious. I always
           found it interesting that there are neighbors on that side who
           refer to themselves in that manner. Plus, I know friends who
           live in that area who don’t consider Brookins the be all and end all.
           By the way, I have lived in Chatham all my life!

      4.   I can have conversations where ever I choose to have them.
            Last I looked this was America. I like BlackTalkTony’s site.

      Finally, to me you come across as the wanna be activist on the 6th
      Ward Blog site, Mr. Glover. I am free to say what I want to say and where
      I want to say it. And it was nice of BlackTalkTony to share my comments.
      Take a chill pill and stop acting like a talk show thug!

      Comment by Irate | November 13, 2011 | Reply

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