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Charles Butler – Gone from WVON – Joins WIND

Charles Butler is now on WIND 560am Chicago Saturdays 6pm-7pm.

Charles Butler is gone from WVON 1690am Chicago M-F 7pm-10pm.

I did not hear Charles on WVON this past Thursday.  I was VERY ANGRY when I found out two days later on the Salim Muwakkil show that Charles was no longer on the station.  How happy I felt when I found out he’s now on WIND.

WVON is a very “touchy feely”, “emotionally immature”, “love my preacher and the Democratic Party”, “dumb community activist” station.  And, contrary to what you may think, I do not like saying this about WVON.  I WANT THIS STATION TO SUCCEED.  I want you advertisers to support this station.  I want WVON to be the most important station in Chicago and the nation.  There are too many negative images of Black people in the media, and having a station that shows Blacks in a positive light (or, at least, a more balanced light) is why WVON IS SO IMPORTANT!!  However, WVON has not done this.  Listen to the commercials.  Listen to the hosts.  Listen to the callers.  It’s all geared towards Blacks with a “woe is me”, “community activist”, “give me something for nothing”, “let the government save us” mentality.  AND CHARLES BUTLER IS NONE OF THE THINGS I JUST LISTED!

It was a natural progression for Charles to go to WIND.  This station is EXTREMELY CONSERVATIVE, but there is a lot of COMMON SENSE among it’s local hosts.  (Notice I said LOCAL.  The national hosts are in line with whatever they are told to discuss and rarely deviate from the conservative groupthink.)  This is why Charles will do well on this station.  It saddens me that he’ll only be on for one hour, once a week, as opposed to being on three hours a night, five days a week.  Hopefully, this will change, as his popularity grows.

By the way, this is a good move for WIND.  By having Charles Butler, he will bring a whole new audience to this station.  And that’s good for both ratings and advertisers.  WIND has better advertising like Gold, 2nd Amendment Info, Extended Car Warranties, Diet Programs, various Online Services like Webinars, and more.  WVON, on the other hand, has none of these services.  They have too many “community activist” commercials, too many PSA’s, too many of the same national advertisers, and very few local advertisers.  What a shame.

I am proud of Charles Butler.  He represents a whole population of Black people who want to be a part of the American Dream and who do not wallow in self pity on what happened prior to 1865 or even 1968.  He openly says the things that many Blacks mutter in private:

Slavery ended.  Stop making excuses about your conditions.

Jim Crow is over.  Stop making excuses about your conditions.

Racism still exists, but it’s not an excuse for Blacks to not strive for excellence.

The Democratic Party should not get Black support.  Diversify your votes towards those who support your interests.



Once again, Charles Butler is now on WIND 560am on Saturdays from 6pm-7pm.

Here are a few links:

If you’re Black, spread the word, listen to his show, and learn something.  If you’re not Black, listen to his show and learn that Blacks are as diversified in thoughts as everyone else.



Charles has taken some time off from WIND to pursue other projects, as of October 2011.

He has appeared online at such places as BlogTalkRadio, YouTube, etc.  He’s also been seen on FOX News.

You can always go to his main site:

As well as his other site:

Also, check out my posting on Charles, one year later:

Charles Butler – A Year Later On My Blog


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  1. I was very pleased to learn that Charles Butler had left the WVON radio station. Most of his air time was spent critizing the Afro American community which only just how he truly hated himself. On some topics I agreed with his position but not his tactic to solving the problem. For instance the high crime statistics in the afro american comunity being commited by Afro americans is truly alarming. Charles Butler labeled these criminals as urban terrorists and encouraged use of the national guard or military to deal with these criminals. The crime rate is big problem and I feel for the victims, particularly the young innocent afro american; but to advocate use of the military in the Afro American community is not the right approch and is not what most afro americans would want in their neighborhoods. Charles Butler took a hard line approach to most problems within the black community but the hard line approach is not always the best solution for problems in our or other neighborhoods.

    Comment by CLewis | September 2, 2012 | Reply

    • It never ceases to amaze me that Charles Butler is still a hot topic, specifically for people who have a problem with him.

      The Hard Line Approach (that Charles Butler uses) is the only honest approach that matters. We’ve WASTED 40 years on this “don’t offend anyone”, “we need to understand the dynamics of the situation”, “400 years of chattel slavery”, “100 years of stifling Jim Crow”, pontificating socialist BullCrap!

      Why is it when Blacks are honest with assessing the disfunction in our race, there’s always someone to say “He must hate himself!” I can assure you that he does NOT hate himself, but he HATES those URBAN TERRORISTS! I don’t know if you are offended by this term, but Jessie Jackson, some WVON hosts, and several others in the limelight have used this term.

      As far as bringing in the military, Charles is not the only person who has brought this up. As a matter of fact, Mayor Emanuel plans to bring in the Feds to deal with the Urban Terrorists. If this is the starting point of military occupation in the Black community, then you should be criticizing the Mayor, not Charles.

      I’m not a fan of the military coming into the Black community. However, because we are not allowed to have Conceal Carry (THE REAL SOLUTION TO END THE URBAN TERRORISTS’ REIGN OF TERROR), and more policemen are not being hired, what else can be done RIGHT NOW to end this violence in the Black community?

      Finally, feel free to go to Charles blog,, and post your thoughts about him. He’ll happily respond to your comments. By the way, he reads this blog. You might get lucky and get a response from him here.

      Comment by blacktalktony | September 3, 2012 | Reply

  2. I’m elated to hear that this pompous, self-centered, lying hypocrite is gone from WVON. White folks love black folks who denigrate other black folks. Who told you Jim Crow was over? It still exists in many subtle forms.

    Comment by tiredoftoms | November 5, 2011 | Reply

  3. Some of the most stupid and inane comments I ever heard were made by Charles Butler. He was immature, petty, and truly ignorant of history, human nature, and social phenomenon. His future of kissing white behind will undoubtedly be glorious and I’m sure he will be content as that is where his heart and talent lies.

    Comment by Doug | October 14, 2011 | Reply

    • It’s amazing that, after he’s been gone from WVON for several months, Charles Butler is still on the minds of people who either love him OR hate him.

      Which one are you?

      So, let me see:
      Any Black person who critiques the current social culture of the Black community and does not follow the Black groupthink is seeking White approval. Really?

      Here’s a question for you:
      It’s clear he offended you, but is he right on any of his discussions? Please give details.

      Here’s an idea:
      Contact Charles on his website and start a discussion. He’d love it!
      Or stay tuned to this blog. Your comment will eventually reach him, and he’ll comment on your comment. “Yikes!”

      Comment by blacktalktony | October 14, 2011 | Reply

  4. This morning I googled Charles Butler’s name and it led me to this website. I too miss Charles. He stood for everthing that I have been taught as a young educated black man. That’s why the politicians, community activist and other poverty pimps stayed away from his show. I too am moving away fron VON. Listening to Matt and Cliff the morning pour the Kool Aid down everyone’s throats is sickening. Please tell Cliff that everyone single black politician and preacher is not WONDERFUUULLL!!!!

    Comment by anon | August 27, 2011 | Reply

    • Thank you for finding my blog.
      It’s amazing how I’ve received over a THOUSAND VIEWS on Charles Butler.
      This tells me that Charles has made a HUGE IMPACT on so many people, like yourself.

      By the way, if you appreciate Charles, here’s some ways to show your support:
      Call WIND at (847) 437-5200 and leave a message with the Program Director, Marcus Brown.
      Go to their website,, and leave comments about Charles with the Program Director, Marcus Brown.
      Of course, support the sponsors of his show.
      Go to and let him know how much you appreciate him.

      I always say that people with brains need to interact with each other, and “TO HELL WITH THE STUPID!
      As I’ve cut back on listening to WVON, I find myself listening more and more to other stations, even those supposedly “Conservative, Evil White Men” shows. Guess what? If you sift through their racial fear mongering, they actually make more sense on Black Issues than the radio hosts of WVON. Go figure.
      So, I say again that those of us with brains must interact with each other.

      Check out this response and other posts on my blog, and let me know what you think.

      Comment by blacktalktony | August 27, 2011 | Reply

  5. Mr Butler,

    I am truly sorry that you are no longer on WVON.

    I listen to you on WIND 560AM but the one hour once a week every Saturday is not enough air time. I am waiting for more air time or a new station that will give you at least 4 hours Monday-Thursdays from 6pm-10-pm.

    I did not realized that I am a Black Conservative until I started listening to you three years ago.

    I panicked when you left the other station bcause you tolded the truth no sugar-coat. Black Folks are still waiting for White People to help them overcome with handouts chicken and salt poke in a bag. Thank you Master!

    I believe that the other station audience could not accept true criticism related to President Obama. He has talked change and done nothing. I am afraid that he is going to leagalize illegal immigrants and for that along I am I will not vote for him next election.

    Thank God for Charles Butler

    Comment by SM | August 13, 2011 | Reply

  6. There is something wrong in Charles Butler’s psyche. I can’t figure it out, but he speaks with much venom and self-hate. He can support his beliefs without talking down to his callers. Personally, I am a human being who is not all conservative or all liberal. There is much left to be desired from both MAIN parties. When I vote, I have no problem voting for the INDIVIDUAL whether a Democrat or Republican. If I don’t care to listen to certain talk show hosts, I just don’t tune in.

    Comment by Verla Carter | August 13, 2011 | Reply

    • You say that Charles speaks with “much venom and self-hate”. Let’s analyze this:

      “Much Venom”

      How does that equate to “Self-Hate”? Please, give details.

      “If I don’t care to listen to certain talk show hosts, I just don’t tune in.”
      Curious… Who are the talk show hosts that get your listenership?

      “I have no problem voting for the INDIVIDUAL whether a Democrat or Republican.”
      O.K. That’s Great! Can you give some examples of your diversified vote, and why?

      Finally, have you listened to his new show on WIND 560am on Saturdays from 6pm-7pm? Without having to deal with all of the unintelligent, excuse making for bad behavior, hyper-emotional listeners on WVON, he’s actually pretty calm and cool. You might like him, now.

      Comment by blacktalktony | August 13, 2011 | Reply

  7. i can listen to wvon at 7 pm again

    Comment by willie miles | June 22, 2011 | Reply

  8. Thats not ranting.That is the point. If Charles Butler establishes the same type of relationship with his listeners as he had at VON, he’s a gonner. Watch. Logical,rational,intelligent people can only put up with that rhetoric and disrespect for only so long. I bet he learned that. It does not matter where you stand on any issue. Many listeners who wanted to like him at WVON, couldn’t stand his ignorance (intelligence). Many of his positions on issues were just as intelligent (ignorant). If you wanted to hear ranting,surely you listened to Charles Butler. You wont be hearing it now. . He’s about to discover that “everybody don’t play dat”.

    Comment by Stan Curt | June 12, 2011 | Reply

    • Once again, you didn’t answer any of my questions. Also, you ignored my previous comments on this post. Therefore, all you really want to do is RANT!

      Did he hurt your sensitive feelings after hanging up on you for saying something “unintelligent”?
      Do you hate him because he forces you to challenge your beliefs?

      Most (but not all) people who dislike Charles NEVER give any specific details on why they dislike him.

      Ultimately, I cannot speak for Charles Butler. I can only write my observations. However, Charles does read this blog, and, better yet, he has his own blog. Why don’t all of you who dislike Charles get some testicular fortitude and face him on his own blog. Oh, that’s right, you’re SCARED of him. That’s why you write on this blog, or you call other talk show hosts, complaining about him.

      Finally, here’s another question to answer:
      “Are you in agreement with anything that Charles has said or done?”
      Answering this question tells me what your mindset is.

      Comment by blacktalktony | June 12, 2011 | Reply

  9. Charles Butler has not gone nearly far enough. Leaving WVON to WIND is not enough. He needs to leave the state. As a supposedly black person, he needs to leave the whole damn country.
    I agree with you Truckin. Lets just see how long he last at wind with that simple attitude before he begans to kiss much ass. It will be interesting to say the least. This guy has never expressed any form of intelligence. If that crap he spews is a form of intelligence, god help us all.

    Comment by Stan Curt | June 10, 2011 | Reply

    • A few comments:

      1. Did you read my response to Truckin, explaining that since Charles is a conservative and WIND is a conservative station, on air conflicts are less likely? Of course, you probably read it and ignored it, because you just want to rant.

      2. Truckin actually gave coherent followup comments. He went into details, explaining his positions. Did you read his followups? You probably did but didn’t care, because you just want to rant.

      3. I’ve been asking these two questions, over and over and over again…
      “If you do not like Charles, why do you listen to him?”
      “What counterpoints do you have with the things that Charles has said?”
      Can you answer these two questions, giving CLEAR and LOGICAL details, or do you just want to rant?

      Waiting for your answer…

      Comment by blacktalktony | June 10, 2011 | Reply

  10. Ive been tuning in to WVON at his old time slot and I thought Charles was on vacation or something. That was until I finally went to the WVON website a few mins ago and didnt see his pic anymore. So then I googled and it lead me to this blog.

    Im assuming that youre the Tony that always called into the show.

    I wonder If they let him go because of the over emotional Black/Latino listeners that couldnt face reality/honest. Or because of the law suits….protest..etc etc. Maybe all that was too much on WVON’s plate.

    I didnt agree with all what Charles said, but I was stil able to listen to his show with an open mind. Its sad that WVON let him go. Ive been a fan of the other side for a couple of years. I plan to tune in to his new show and I also plan to continue to support WVON. I just hope the remaining WVON host’s dont piggy back off each other. Variety is needed on that station.

    There was a time when Charles was the only host on WVON that would criticize the President…but believe it or not a lot of the other host are slowly but surely waking up as well.

    Comment by Sheldon | June 9, 2011 | Reply

    • I can’t comment on all the questions you asked about the details on Charles and WVON parting. I’m sure if you contact Charles on his website, he could give you more info.

      It’s good that you can listen to Charles with an open mind. Believe me, sometimes listening to talk radio with an open mind can be difficult (try listening to radio shows like Michael Savage and Stephanie Miller… the two extremes can drive one crazy).

      I continue to listen to WVON, but the lack of variety is quickly driving me away from this station. Without Charles, the Black groupthink on WVON is pathetic. And no, Lenny M is not a good conservative alternative (his COWARDLY political correctness along with his goofy comment “I love you as a child of God” completely overshadow all of his conservative views). Read my previous comments on Lenny from May 19, 2011.

      Charles used to say that it’s over for Black people today. Every level of society is washing their hands of us, thanks to our utter acceptance and support of ignorant people in our race. Even the WVON crew is slowly starting to wake up to this fact. Normally, I have no love for the fools in our race, but, what scares me is the fact that all Blacks are being judged because of the Black fools we foolishly protect.

      Like I always say, it’s important that those of us who are not idiots should support each other, and damn the ones who proudly want to stay stupid.

      Comment by blacktalktony | June 10, 2011 | Reply

  11. I was shocked to hear that Charles had left the station. Although I disagree with him sometimes (not to often) he right on point on plenty of issues. I will still listen to WVON but I will also tune in to listen to Charles on WIND.

    Comment by Peaches | June 1, 2011 | Reply

    • Good for you.

      Since he only has one hour, his show is fast paced, and you’ll notice how professional and organized it sounds.

      Comment by blacktalktony | June 2, 2011 | Reply

  12. Thanks, I’ll keep it in mind.
    I’m into the mobile cleaning industry and it’s taking off.

    Interestingly, after just googling intellegence vs knowledge I stumbled across this link.
    Kevin Burke’s Weblog on the difference between knowledge and intellegence, fascinating topic for discussion like yours.

    I really wanted to chime in on Charles show yesterday, but unfortunately I did not have access to a radio, maybe I’ll get lucky next saturday.

    Comment by TruckinRob | May 29, 2011 | Reply

  13. Black people are like any other people. They gravitate to their own personal political preferances and beliefs, that’s ignorance on their part. So what’s the problem!

    The problem is!
    America is in a mess because of both parties so there is more than enough blame to go around. Share the wealth, share the Blame!

    With all the valuable knowledge Charles have attained through academia and from his personal lie’s experiences, he should know how to handle stupid callers who try to insult him on the air. Those of us who listen every night to his show know when a fool calls in to challenge him. Those who support anything and everything Barack does because he is black are ignorant also. That’s a foolish mindset.

    We know they don’t have the FACTS! It’s pretty obvious to us, so why go there with them- and that’s where the intelligence factor play in. We know Charles knows what he is talking about. In my opinion, intelligence, like insight and wisdom are all intertwined, that is, having the ability to use your valuable knowledge effectively and for the greater good. Having knowledge doesn’t necessarily elevate you to this status, and when Charles stoop to their level this is not “intelliegence.” Ordinary People like myself get it!

    I enjoy being a trucker, it’s really CooL! I could learn to fly an F-14 as well with the proper training. I’m a fast learner in most thing. If Charles is comparing trucking to flying in a monetary sense- my wife and I haven’t gone a day ‘in need’ sense we’ve met, our combined income is okay and we have a side business as well. (We don’t have children)

    We all know what Savage is all about, case closed. I just want to see if Charles can insult white people who might call in to challenge him, sometime opposing sides do call in from time to time.

    I’m in the truck for most of the day and I like talk radio, I like Charles too. (My favorite) The one-way ticket on the carnival cruiseship to “Neverland” is fitting for the Urban Terrorist. “So what if he didn’t have his father in his life, he wouldn’t try it on the gold coast would he?, no way because he is a coward and he know his place. It’s the hood where he can get away with it and get a simpthany card too for his actions.~INSANE

    …You must also do to him just as he had schemed to do to his brother, and you must clear away what is bad from your midst so those who remain will hear and be afraid, and they will never again do anything bad like this in your midst.
    And your eye should not feel sorry:
    Soul will be for soul, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot. ~Deut 19:19-21

    Comment by TruckinRob | May 29, 2011 | Reply

    • I commend you.

      After reading your detailed comment, It seems like you and Charles actually have the same views. The only differences are:

      1. What to do with stupid people.
      Your position seems to be that we shouldn’t even waste time arguing with stupid people, and, if possible, help them out of their stupidity.
      Charles absolutely hates how stupid people are elevated in our race, and he does all he can to put them back down into the mud where they belong.
      So, who’s right?
      You both are.
      It all depends on one’s personality.
      People like Charles put those knuckleheads on notice, and people like you are there to guide them, if they want to change.

      2. The role of radio talk show hosts.
      “The squeaky wheel gets the oil.”
      You’ve heard that saying, and it applies to talk radio. Good or bad, the most popular talk show hosts are the ones who are combative.
      Who’s more popular? Glenn Beck or Stephanie Miller? Charles Butler or Santita Jackson?
      The point is it’s all about the ratings. Unfortunately, it’s not about being nice. Granted, there are exceptions like OPRAH (even though she propelled herself to stardom by demonizing men, especially BLACK MEN, during her early years on her television show, but, ironically, her radio shows are not as popular). And probably one of the biggest attributes to success today is shunning EFFEMINATE qualities. Audiences are becoming tired of all this politically correct, “touchy feely”, “don’t hurt anybody’s feelings” nonsense, and, by ratings standards, they are flocking to people like Charles.
      Like I said in a previous comment, one can only go so far before they are punished (like Michael Savage). From what I’m hearing, even Rush and Hannity are dropping in the ratings, although they’re so far ahead of everyone else, they’re probably still on top.

      As far as whether or not Charles will insult White people, he did on WVON, and, if they’re stupid, he’ll probably call them out on WIND. It’s less likely because he’s on a conservative station, so the views are more in sync. However, on yesterday’s show, he did snap on the issue of teaching young children about same sex relationships. Way too young for that discussion.

      Interesting explanation on the difference between Knowledge and Intelligence.

      I commend you on having financial stability with both your trucking job and your side business. If you don’t mind me asking, what is your side business? Having your own business is the best thing in the world. Even Charles would agree. Actually, maybe you could have Charles do your financial planning, since that’s what he does. I mentioned in a previous article that those of us with brains should stop wasting time helping idiots who don’t want help, and, instead, help each other. If you already have financial planning, that’s fine. It was just a thought.

      I commend you and your wife for being together. Being married is becoming a rarity in our community, and it plays a role in our community’s financial issues. Building a financial base with your wife is wonderful. If you and your wife ever decide to have kids, you will be able to pass on “Legacy Wealth” to your descendants.

      A final suggestion:
      If you have time, you should also get your own blog. It’s clear from your writings that you have the ability to express your points in a coherent way.

      Comment by blacktalktony | May 29, 2011 | Reply

  14. I am all for personal responsibility, but Charles Butler is an ASS.

    He’s a self-hating, ass-kissing tool who is too dumb to know that he needs to support his less-enlightened brothers instead of denigrating them.

    I could give a shit if he flew planes in the Navy or owned so many “successful businesses” (who even says THAT’s even true BUT him?). It doesn’t take a genius to do either.

    I’m glad he’s gone. Yes. ‘VON often times is a minstrel/boob show, but that is because Melody allows it (SHE needs to go too.).

    Like you, I also see the potential for the station to be a beacon for truly empowering and enlightening the Black community.


    Nah, Melody gets off too much on being a station owner and all the littkle social perks she thinks are so damn important.

    But anyway. F- Charles Butler and good riddance. They did good getting rid of Perri’s annoying ass. Cliff “never ask a tough question in person” Kelly’s faggot ass needs to finally go to.

    As a matter of fact, pretty much the whole lineup needs to change to one that is more intelligent and progressive.

    We’ll see what happens. You never know.

    Comment by From Chatham | May 26, 2011 | Reply

    • For those of you who read this blog:

      I usually do not allow foul language on this blog. If you have to curse to either get your point across or to express your anger, then this place is not for you.
      I made an exception with you because you wrote some provocative comments.

      As far as Charles not supporting his less enlightened listeners, why should he? We Black people have to stop making excuses for the fools who DON’T want to learn anything, and, instead, focus on those who want to learn. And we need to stop with the over-sensitive, reactionary emotions.

      Melody selling the station? Who knows?
      A complete lineup change? Well, anything is possible.
      Perri’s gone from WVON? Are you sure?

      I have more observations on your comments, but, for now, answer this question:

      What has Charles Butler done that sparks either anger or approval from you?

      Comment by blacktalktony | May 27, 2011 | Reply

    • From Chatham. First I want to tell you that your mother is low life for having an ignorant INFERIORIZED son like you. If I were still on the other station I would dog you! I truly detest ignorant Negroes like yourself that have no power, money, intelligence, women with $, access to power, etc… Remember I hate you waaaay more than you hate me. If I could round Blacks like you up, I would drop them in Lake Michigan. Too bad I choose not to say that on WIND, LOL! Believe me I am thinking it. Tune this week, it is going to be hot, Urban Terrorist.

      Comment by Charles Butler | May 27, 2011 | Reply

  15. It’s time to move on.
    It is true that Charles brought something different to wvon. He showed us how we can be on the other side and not apologize for it. But my opinion of him is that he is not all that intelligent. Knowledgeable but unintelligent! At one point I stopped listening to all the other host on wvon and I would just wait til 7pm to hear him, but lately I found myself even loosing interest in him also. Not by what he was saying but by his choice of words with those who disagree with him.
    If he discern you have a different perspective he viciously attack you without hearing you out. He can’t handle intelligent peolple who disagree with his views. (This is his weekness.)
    Sometimes he would mistakenly attack those who agreed with his view as well. I know that black folk need “tough love” and I do agree with his take on the lawless fools in our society, but one time he he attacked a sister and ended with the phrase
    …with yo dumb self!!
    Now how ignorant is that!
    It’s going to be very interesting to hear how he attack white folks who disagree with him on wind/560am. They love it when we fight each other but let’s see their actions when he attack them. Michael Savage can get away with it, , let’s see if Charles can too.
    Let’s see how long he’ll last on that station.
    Either way it’s going to be interesting.

    Comment by TruckinRob | May 26, 2011 | Reply

    • In a previous response, I addressed the issue about how Charles should respond when people insult him.

      Once again, what is he supposed to do? Why should he be nice when people insult him, simply because he’s a Black Republican who doesn’t go along with the common Black “groupthink”? I listened to his show from the very beginning, and, while he was giving factual information, most Black folks couldn’t get past the Black Republican thing, and they figured it gave them the license to insult him at every possible turn. HE wouldn’t put up with it, I wouldn’t put up with it, and I’m sure YOU wouldn’t put up with it.

      I don’t understand the phrase you used, “Knowledgeable but Unintelligent”. Doesn’t knowledge denote intelligence?

      As far as Charles insulting people at WIND, why would that happen? Charles is conservative, and WIND is a conservative station with conservative listeners. I don’t see any real conflicts over the air.

      And as far as Michael Savage goes, he can get away with saying negative things about Blacks because demonizing Blacks is good for the ratings (I don’t like it, but it is what it is). However, even he has gotten into trouble for going too far in his outrageous rants to the point of lawsuits and losing sponsors (over some misinterpreted comments over Autism). Also on WIND, they cut his show from 3 hours to 2 hours (granted, to make room for Glenn Beck, but his craziness doesn’t help his cause). The point is that the radio industry wants you to say crazy, ignorant things for ratings, but, if you go too far, they will punish you.

      Thanks for your comments.

      Comment by blacktalktony | May 27, 2011 | Reply

    • You drive a truck! I was a F-14 driver. I can fly anything that flys in the world, jets, helos, gliders, that who I am. By the way I drive public policy from D.C. I can tell you BHO has to go! His own backers are shying away it ain’t like 2008. He can’t fool the folks this time

      Who would you think has a better handle on the issues. Me with guests from think tanks, US Govmt, State govemt, local govm’t, FOX, CNN, MSNBC or you?

      Folks need to understand their limitations. It stops hurt feelings.
      By the way I am exactly what I am cold, cool, hard, and I hate criminals.

      Comment by Charles Butler | May 27, 2011 | Reply

  16. Good for Charles it seems they were keeping it so quiet I’m just now finding out. And Lenny is no Conservative he’s afraid of his own shadow.I do like the handy man on Sunday mornings though!Great info!

    Comment by Joy | May 24, 2011 | Reply

    • I don’t think it’s appropriate protocol for WVON to tell us that Charles went to WIND.

      That’s funny about Lenny. I think he’s trying to walk a tight rope at WVON. You can’t be both a conservative and honest without Black people going crazy. And you can see how us Black folks react when conservatives expose us to some REALITY. Still, I would like to hear Lenny toughen up, but I understand why.

      As far as the handy man, he gives really good, practical information. It would be nice to repeat his show for us individuals not up at 6am Sundays.

      Comment by blacktalktony | May 25, 2011 | Reply

    • Rocking it on AM 560 WIND support me and don’t forget to write and call the new station, they love it.

      Thanks for your support

      Comment by Charles Butler | May 27, 2011 | Reply

  17. I am wondering, wiil WIND allow C. Butler to call the listners idiots, morons, wetbacks, Negros etc. It’s going to be a bummpy ride

    Comment by A. Smith | May 21, 2011 | Reply

    • Three comments for you:

      1. Have you listened to others shows on WIND? Just this week, Michael Savage commented on the DSK arrest over an alleged rape. He spend half of the time denouncing the African women as a lying bum (and had other colorful comments about this alleged victim). Are you as outraged with him as you are with Charles? Probably not. The point is that these harsh comments are common on this station. The difference is Charles deals with facts, and they deal with exploiting White fears and bigotry of Black people. But you’re only focused on Charles.

      2. Are far as name calling, what is Charles supposed to do when people call him names? Just be a good, cowardly Christian and turn his cheek? Charles fights back because he a man that demands respect! Why don’t you denounce those callers that have degraded him over the air, simply because he is a Black republican?

      3. If Charles is so terrible, then why did you listen to him? If he’s so terrible, then why didn’t you turn off his show. I’ll tell you why. The “Howard Stern Effect” is in play. Howard’s biggest listeners were people who hated him, yet, they listened to every show. It is like an abused woman who keeps going back to the man who hurts her. If you don’t like Charles Butler, then do yourself a favor and MOVE ON to radio hosts that say what you want to hear. WVON (and even WCPT) will say the things that your sensitive ears can handle.

      Finally, it’s clear that you don’t like Charles. I don’t know if it’s because of his message or how he delivers his message.
      Let’s try this:
      Can you (or anyone else) give some examples of when Charles was factually wrong? When you give your answer, leave out the emotional stuff, and stick to the facts.

      Comment by blacktalktony | May 21, 2011 | Reply

    • Well I will call a spade a spade. Unlike you the color is not important the dialogue is the key. You like most Blacks have been INFERIORIZED. What difference does it make if a person is Black, White, Brown, Yellow if they are stupid. The difference is Black folks will get on tv, radio, film and show their ignorance. They have NO SHAME about being ignorant or disgracful of the race. That’s why you only have Blacks panhandling in downtown. The Jews call it “a shanda fur die goy” Oops! Did I hurt your feelings? You know I don’t care, the facts are the facts. I have a bigger stage, bigger signal about 200 miles radius vs. 10 miles, Hey, life is good no warzones to transit daily. Thanks for making my day! Miss the rants, but I miss the folks that GOT IT! Power to the People, not the Liberal parents of you small minded Negroes. HAHAHA! Let me further mess with you google “Jewish dominance of the civil rights movement”

      Comment by Charles Butler | May 27, 2011 | Reply

  18. Charles Butler, good bye and good riddance.

    Comment by NM | May 21, 2011 | Reply

    • He’s not gone. He’s on another station, 560am WIND Saturdays 6pm-7pm. And he’ll have a larger listener audience in one hour than he had on the other station with 12 hours a week.

      Is there something about Charles you did not like?

      Comment by blacktalktony | May 21, 2011 | Reply

  19. I am shock and disappointed to hear that Charles Butler has left WVON. I really do not feel the need to listen to WVON anymore – Charles’ departure has left that station very one dimensional. I look forward to Charles on WIND – I hope he enjoys his new station

    Comment by Mimi | May 20, 2011 | Reply

    • Before I located him on a new station, I was very angry.

      Years ago, I said that if Charles was gone from WVON, I would never again listen to this station. Well, I still listen, but I’m on the verge of letting it go.

      My suggestion is very simple:

      If this station can’t handle real issues, maybe they should focus on other themes (sports, music, drama, gossip, etc).

      You know us Black Folks. We have to always be entertained.

      Comment by blacktalktony | May 21, 2011 | Reply

  20. Great blog! I am also shocked by Mr.Butler’s hasty departure from WVON, his perspectives balanced the station and its listeners. Now, like you have mentioned, WVON has a one way voice perspective. In this global society we live in today, Charles expanded on issues outside of Chicago’s Black communities. I will still listen to WVON but will be making the transition to WIND 560 to hear Bro.Factual. WVON should model global businesses, if they want to succeed and expand they need more perspectives!


    Comment by Wellsg | May 19, 2011 | Reply

    • Thanks for the response.

      As far as WVON modeling global business, that is what the Urban Business Roundtable is supposed to represent. But I think you are referring to more global perspectives over the station. Unlikely, since WVON is hell bound to run itself out of business catering to preachers, community activists, and democratic flunkies. As I’ve said before, it saddens me to say these things about WVON. The Black community has nothing else to represent it, and this station is the only player in town. Yet, they focus on the dummies in the Black community, instead of people like us, who have brains and income. How can any business stay alive if it caters to broke people, both literally and mentally.

      Comment by blacktalktony | May 21, 2011 | Reply

  21. i am Mexican/American and i LOVE Charles Butler’s show! i was a WGN AM 720 fan since i was 12 yrs. old and discovered ‘Chicago’ Ed Schwartz & Dr. Milt Rosenberg– talk radio. but, ‘Chicago’ Ed is gone (R.I.P.) and ‘ball games & sports-talk shows have taken over Milt’s time-slot too many times… and, then, i discovered Mr. Butler’s show– WOW! informative, entertaining & thought provoking- all at the same time! i may have not agreed with Charles from time to time, but, he put up a hell of an arguement! so, i’m glad to find out he’s now on WIND (home of Big John & Amy– yegh, i found them too thanks to WGN AM) maybe they’ll respect his work. keep up the good work, Charles!

    Comment by Tony | May 19, 2011 | Reply

    • Hey Tony,

      Love the name. It means “strength” in Latin.

      It’s clear that you are a person who searches for information. I am curious on why you like Charles Butler.

      You’re a Mexican American, and I’m going to guess you lean towards conservatism. Blacks who are conservative (or, at least, think for themselves without guidance from a Preacher or Community Activist) catch hell from other Blacks who subscribe to the common stupid groupthink in the community. Do you have similar problems?

      Comment by blacktalktony | May 21, 2011 | Reply

  22. Ever listen to Lenny McAllister? He is the only one on WVON that’s conservative now.

    He was even playing “One Is The Loneliest Number” during his first show’s broadcast since Butler left WVON.

    I hear there’s a campaign of callers and emails to give McCalister the 3 hour slot Butler left behind. So far Spann-Cooper seems to be balking at that probably because the 2012 election is right around the corner.

    Comment by Black Man Conservative | May 17, 2011 | Reply

    • I do listen to Lenny. A conservative voice is needed at WVON, since there is so much liberalism there.

      I have two issues with Lenny:

      1. He tries too hard to be “politically correct” with the callers, even when these callers are absolute morons. He has this “I LOVE YOU AS A CHILD OF GOD” line that drives me crazy. This line has a “passive/aggressive” feel to it. He’s too politically correct to call them what they are… IDIOTS. I’m not a fan of people who won’t say what they really mean. Besides, when dealing with the Black Community, one has to stand their ground against the “Black GroupThink Bullies”, and Lenny does not do this. A good example is when Lenny questioned Kwanzaa. And the questions that he raised were rational ones. The bullies came out against him, and he didn’t fight back. Let me say that if it was a matter of him keeping his job, then I completely and totally understand. If not, he should have fought back.

      2. I do not like the way he treats his positive callers. If you agree with him, he cuts you off. If you don’t agree with him, he keeps you on the phone for an extended amount of time. How freaking backwards is that? I know, it’s standard radio caller procedure to keep the drama going with differing arguments. And, yes, I also know about the caller time limit. However, if you listen to Cliff, Charles, and especially Salim, hosts that have extended conversations with their listeners endear the listeners to the hosts and solidify a solid base of listeners for those hosts. Hopefully, Lenny will learn this before it’s too late.

      As far as Lenny getting the 7pm-10pm time slot, he would be the LOGICAL choice, but I’m not sure if it will happen. According to other media sources, I’m hearing it’s someone else. Hopefully, the audience will have a say in the choosing of a new host. So, if enough of you Lenny fans keep on WVON management, then maybe it’s possible he’ll get it.

      Comment by blacktalktony | May 19, 2011 | Reply

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