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Charles Butler, Thanks for the Mention

Your humble writer was humbled even more by hearing this site mentioned on “The Take With Charles Butler”, a show heard on the Genesis Communications Network.

Charles spoke about how people are consistently drawn to this site directly from my first posting of him (from May of 2009) and the impact he has had on so many people, both locally and nationally.

Because of Charles, how many Black people have embraced Conservative values, or, at least, “Use Your Brain Values”?

Thanks again.

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A Plea To Charles Butler (And Other National Figures)

I know that you have a primary focus on national politics.  However, there is something that has really been bothering me in recent years, and I hope you can help.

In the Black community, too much time (in decades) and money (in the trillions) have been wasted on helping “The Wretched”.  Yet, very few people have shown any support for the good Black citizens who are largely ignored and actually ridiculed for being clean-cut, law-abiding citizens who want to live the “American Dream”.



1. A young Chicago H.S. honor student was arrested for bringing a gun to school.  Supposedly, the reason he had a gun was because URBAN TERRORISTS were threatening him.  This young man with a 4.0 GPA had to decide to either become another victim of these “Monsters of Evil” or risk arrest by protecting himself.

2. Young Black Entrepreneurs cannot get access to capital to start businesses, yet, Black Community Activists can get money to start B.S. community programs to supposedly help “At Risk” youth.

3. Law-Abiding citizens live in terror of the URBAN TERRORISTS, yet, preachers, politicians, and community activists protect and make excuses for these monsters.

4. Blacks with brains who do not subscribe to stupid, ghetto group-think are ostracized and seen as the greatest enemies to the Black community, while Black fools with no brains are elevated to the heights of Black importance.

… I’m sure you can come up with many other examples.


Bottom Line:
Good Black People Need Support!
I can only hope that a national spotlight can help.



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Charles Butler Must Go – NATIONAL

Charles used to always say this phrase, “Charles Butler Must Go…National” on his old WVON talk show.  This was his take on a protest against him at this radio station.

Well, since then, he has gone national:

Genesis Communications Network
Live: Mon-Fri 7:00am-9:00am CST
Call In Number: 1-800-259-5791
Listen Live Number: 1-605-562-7748 (supposed to be a 24 hour replay line also)

Great guests, in-depth analysis, and, as always, Charles giving hell to idiots in our world.

Check him out.

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View On Illinois Gun Law

So, What’s New with Concealed Carry in Illinois?

Concealed Carry has passed the Illinois Legislature, but our IDIOTIC Governor is fighting it.  Anyone with a brain knows he trying to score political points with the brain dead liberals for the upcoming elections.  However, there’s another agenda.  No doubt, he is being influenced by the powers of Political EVIL to keep law-abiding citizens of Illinois completely helpless to the whims of demonic criminals in the streets.  It’s not a coincidence that challenges to the Concealed Carry mandate are being done to keep guns away from law-abiding citizens, so that the prime time for death and destruction (the Summer) is not impeded in any way.  PURE EVIL!

What is it about the Executive Branch of Government keeping Illinois citizens helpless?

At least, with much difficulty, the Legislative Branch got something done.


There are some radio show sources that will keep you informed on the real deal with Concealed Carry:

On Target Radio:  Sundays at 9pm-10pm on WIND 560am
They give the Best info on ALL Firearm related matters, including Gun Laws.  Listening to them is like taking a gun class over the radio.  If you want precise info on this matter, listen to this show.

The Joe Walsh Show:  Weekdays 5pm-8pm on WIND 560am
The former Congressman provides very impassioned info on “behind-the-scenes”, “crooked back-room deals” actions concerning Concealed Carry.  He’ll provide you with the motivations behind the actions of our politicians.  Unfortunately, he tries to cover so many scattered topics on his show, you’ll just have to wait for him to bring it up.

The Cliff Kelley Show:  Weekdays 3pm-7pm on WVON 1690am
He is a Concealed Carry supporter among a sea of idiotic opponents, and he stands up against their idiocy.  He also provides great common sense knowledge on this subject.  Unfortunately, his show is filled with tons Community Activists and arrogant Politicians, mostly against Concealed Carry and promoting some other B.S. nonsense.  So, you’ll have to wait for him to bring up the subject.



The Politicians opposing Concealed Carry will fight and fight and fight (and fight) to keep you helpless before the “monsters of evil” who terrorize our lives.  (And let’s not forget the “Stupid Beyond Belief” Liberals who support these politicians.)

Why do gun rights opponents only focus on keeping guns away from good people and do absolutely NOTHING TANGIBLE to punish the bad people who commit gun crimes?

Here are my answers:

These people enjoy the elderly murdered by criminals.
These people enjoy women murdered by their ex husbands/boyfriends.
These people enjoy innocent children terrorized and murdered by “At Risk Youth”.




And the Politicians…



What do you think?

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Sorry About Not Posting

I know, it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  There are reasons:

1. Sometimes, I feel like I’m not making a difference.

2. I’ve pretty much said my thoughts, and I don’t like repeating myself.

3. I’m saddened that things are getting worse.  People continue to be stupid and make stupid justifications for their stupidity.

4. I’ve been working on things behind the scenes.  (Remember:  If you’ve read the About Me section, you know I’m not interested in being famous.)

I’m back posting, though maybe not as much as before.  Then again, if I feel it, I may start posting a lot more than before.


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Illinois Politicians Against Law-Abiding Gun Owners

Illinois Politicians Are Spitting In The Faces Of Law-Abiding Gun Owners And The Courts, AGAIN!


There are two new bills (“silently” introduced in Springfield) that may be voted on this week:

HB-815 and HB-1263


Quick Summary:

Banning semi-automatic weapons (contradicting the Supreme Court rulings on Heller and McDonald)

Limiting magazines to 10 or less rounds

Tax magazines

Register Gun Owners (Like They Are Sex Offenders)


What makes no sense is the fact that the courts have already told Illinois politicians to come up with a Concealed Carry law that does NOT infringe on Second Amendment rights.  Instead, they thumb their noses at the courts and come up with new nonsense to disarm law-abiding citizens.


Expose these political crooks!

Call your legislatures and voice your opposition to this nonsense!

Call some local radio stations and national talk shows about this foolishness!


Go to

Or go directly to these links:



A few observations:

1. As a child in elementary school, when one child would do something stupid in class, we would ALL be punished, because of that one child.  We would have to write out our names a couple hundred times or write out some sentence 50-100 times.

It seems our politicians are doing the same to us adults.

A few crazies commit horrible acts, and EVERY LAW-ABIDING CITIZEN MUST BE PUNISHED!


2. Have you noticed that they NEVER go after the bad guys with guns?

They only go after the good guys with guns.

Makes you wonder, who are these politicians actually representing?

Don’t Wonder:  They Represent Criminals, who, in turn, are commodities!

Check out my previous posting for a brief explanation:


3. Didn’t IL Senator Donne Trotter just get in trouble for having a gun at an airport?  He’ll likely get away with it, but we peasants have to stay gunless and helpless against evil, gun-toting criminals.



Stay tuned.

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Is The Black Middle Class Doomed: A Follow Up

This is a follow up to a posting I made, entitled “Is The Black Middle Class Doomed“, because of an excerpt of another site posted on the Sixth Ward Blog, entitled “Can the Black Middle Class Survive: Obama Is in the Oval Office but the Black Bourgeoisie is Foundering“.  This is a really sad article on the state of the Black Middle Class in America.


STOP!  DON’T GO ANY FURTHER reading my detailed response, until you’ve read the complete article above.



Here is a summary of my position:


1. Every policy in the Black community is geared towards the dumb, poor, “Proudly Stupid” low class Blacks who exist among us.  Blacks in the middle class who rightfully work the “American Dream” for themselves and their families are viewed as traitors to the race and shunned, as if doing the right thing is negatively viewed as being “White”.


2. Blacks, as a whole, are judged by other groups based solely on the actions of the low class Black savages that plague our race.  Unfortunately, part of this reason is that many good Blacks make perpetual excuses for these pathetic scumbags and always come to the rescue when the hopeless Black idiots do wrong.  Therefore, we all suffer the perception of being worthless!



The image of Black America has been SEVERELY and almost PERMANENTLY ruined by the idiots in our race:


In the 1950’s and early 1960’s, the image of a Black American was clean cut, proper English speaking, education minded, hard working, and having a stable family unit.


Today, that image has been replaced with the GHETTO culture of dirty, ebonics speaking, broken families with out-of-wedlock births somewhere between 80% to 95%, pants hanging off the buttocks of unemployable Black men, Black women relying solely on Government Money because they can’t provide for their multiple kids by multiple fathers, obesity around 80%, almost universal diabetes & other health problems, hating education, and just proud ignorance.


If this negative image was around during the Civil Rights era, NOTHING would have been accomplished, as is the case NOW!



Blacks are being relegated to an Irrelevant status, and I fear the next step could be far worse!



Reading this article, what should we do?



1. Good Blacks MUST separate from the Bad Blacks.


The talk show host, Dennis Miller, coined this magnificent phrase:

“Help The Helpless!  Forget The Clueless!”

Miller brilliantly condenses highly intelligent observations into simple comments.


I take it a step further:

“Help The Helpless, F@#$ the Clueless, Throw The Clueless In Jail Or Send Them To The Grave Through An Approved Concealed Carry Law When They Get Violently Angry With You For No Longer Wasting Time With Them And They Want To Forcefully Take What You Worked Hard To Obtain!”


No Exceptions!



2. Diversify Our Votes


The old saying, “All politics are local”, is so true.


Black life is terrible in this area, which is exclusively run by the Democratic Machine.  Republicans run NOTHING in Chicago, Cook County, and Illinois.  Yet, our greatest fear is a Republican in local office.




Get over your fear of Republicans, and make both parties work for your vote.  Otherwise, one party ignores you, and the other party screws you over big time.


And be very skeptical about Third Parties.  They almost never win, and it really is a WASTED vote!  Yeah, I said it, WASTED (to hell with the Politically Correct response).



3. Entrepreneurship


If no one wants to employ us, then we should start our own businesses.


Yes, I know that access to capital is limited to Blacks, but it’s not an excuse.  Figure out a way to finance your business.


A.  Use the Bartering System:

“I’ll cut your lawn and repair your roof, if you watch my kids and take me to work.”

“Teach me about marketing, and I’ll teach you how to make money on the internet.”

Take the money you save on bartering, and start your business.


B.  Work another job or do freelance work, and save your money to start your business.


C.  Start a low-cost business on the internet and market to people around the world.

Affiliate Links, Adsense, Membership Podcasts & Webinars, etc.



4. Invest in Tangible Assets

Gold, Silver, etc.

Even Real-Estate has some viability (people who lose their homes have to live somewhere).



5. Fight For Your Rights


If you have done everything right, and you still face discrimination, then FIGHT BACK with a severe intensity.  At the end of the day, just because the image of today’s Blacks is negative, it is NO Excuse for others groups to treat you wrong when you have shown them that you are not a savage!  But remember, in order to be “in the right”, you can’t do wrong and make excuses for your actions.



Time has pretty much run out for Blacks.  So, act now, before things get worse.


Of course, like always, Black people will completely ignore what I’ve said here and turn to useless “Messiahs” for guidance.




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Check Out Winner Stephanie Trussell on WLS-AM

Stephanie Trussell was the winner of the 89 WLS Talk Star competition.  This contest was held to find someone in the WLS listenership who would host a 2-hour live show.  Congratulations, Stephanie!

Now, why would I even mention something like this on my hard-hitting site?

1) Because she represents a silent but growing group of Black Conservatives who are standing out against the Democratic Slave Plantation that enslaves the minds of Black People.

2) Because the general population needs to see another side of Black America, the side that thinks for itself without the need for mindless “Group Think”.

Keep you ear to the station to hear her guest appearances.


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Another Chicago Gun Ruling Overturned

An outrageous Chicago gun ruling has been overturned.

Yet the Mayor is setting up another gun ordinance that will probably be overturned and will cost Chicago taxpayers millions in the legal battle.

And our country bumpkin Black legislatures will go along with it.  “Yesum Boss Man Mayor” is what they’ll say.

Read this article:


Congratulations to Shawn Gowder and everyone who fights against Chicago’s fear of LAW ABIDING CITIZENS having guns.

Some of the area heroes are:

Shawn Gowder

Todd Vandermyde

Otis McDonald

Paula Bratich

Valinda Rowe

Gerald Vernon

Rhonda Ezell

Cliff Kelley

… and many more


The real fear is LAW ABIDING “BLACK” CITIZENS having guns!

It is said over and over again that criminals don’t care about gun laws.  Yet, liberal fools consistently fight against common sense and cry about the dangers of Concealed Carry among the law abiding population of Chicago.  It’s as if the gun itself has an evil spirit within that will turn innocent, old ladies into rabid, murderous psychopaths.





Gun bans allow for murderous Black monsters to terrorize Black populations.  After they’ve reached their quota of death and destruction, these monsters are arrested, charged for their crimes, sent to prisons (in rural, non-Black areas that boost that area’s economy), let out of prison, and the cycle starts all over again.




Three Observations:

1) Every gun ban in this country’s history has always occurred around large populations of Black People.

2) No one is reporting the explosion of White Chicagoans from Downtown and the North Side enrolling in gun courses.

3) Shawn is a Vet who has used guns in service to his country.  Yet, he was not allowed to have a gun to protect himself and/or his loved ones in a city as dangerous as actual war zones around the world.

Can any of you explain these observations to me?

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Charles Butler – A Year Later On My Blog

Here we are a year later since my posting

Charles Butler – Gone from WVON – Joins WIND

and I still get daily views.

As of this moment, there have been 1,786 views on this posting.


What does this tell me (and you):





And what has happened to WVON, since his departure?

Well, without a practical, common sense view of current issues, WVON has sunk to the lowest common denominator of excuse making and avoiding real issues affecting the Black community.

Issues like:

24 hours coverage of the Martin/Zimmerman case instead of providing 24 hour coverage on murders occurring locally.

The support of non-Black issues by our “Messiah” instead of calling him out for publicly ignoring and/or disrespecting the Black community.

Providing a radio platform to scumbag Politicians, Preachers, and Community Activists instead of calling out these charlatans for their part in destroying the Black Middle Class (i.e., higher taxes, upcoming Chicago Speed Cameras, Alliance Between Black Politicians and Criminals, etc.).


So, what needs to be done now?

All of you who are reading this post need to bookmark/follow my blog, Charles Butler’s main blogCharles Butler’s other blog, and other sites that share the same views.  Build a community of like-minded Blacks who refuse to accept the common “inferior-minded, can’t think for myself, blame others, depend on handouts because I’m so helpless” groupthink.


If you’re offended by my statements, GO WALLOW IN DEFECATION, because I have


My statements are not for the emotionally stupid!  (Yes, I’m referring to YOU as STUPID, if you are STUPID!!)

I’m talking to those who do not make excuses and fight for excellence in their lives.


Press on, Charles Butler!  YOU ARE THE MAN!

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